Dec 28, 2012

Winter Walk

A lack of inspiration + busy schedules is responsible for the lack of posts. My apologies to any faithful blog followers! But I am back, with a wonderful new camera (Canon Rebel T2i!) and an almost new year. 
Have a lovely weekend, friends. :)

Nov 3, 2012

Just a few photos from the other day, when we visited a local fort.
I've been feeling black & whitish lately. :)

Have a lovely Saturday!

Oct 12, 2012


 I walked outside yesterday to be greeted by a chill in the air and hints of orange in the trees. A squirrel rustled around in the tree above me, and kindly sat still long enough for me to photograph him... no small feat for a squirrel!

Fall is on its way, and I am happy to see it!

Oct 4, 2012


Spotted at the beach last week:

• seagulls mid-flight • crabs scuttling across the beach • an empty horseshoe crab shell • a butterfly on the sand • hoards of empty clam shells stacked on the shore • inhabited sea shells • sea grass blowing in the wind •

Sep 29, 2012

At the Park

We went to a beautiful park the other evening, and enjoyed Frosties, the sun setting, a leisurely walk around the lake, & spotting alligators. :) All in all a lovely time.

Sep 26, 2012

Sunset on the Beach

Couldn't resist sharing these photos with you as soon as possible....the sunset was beautiful!
Lovely week to you all... :)