Sep 27, 2014


I’m sitting here at my computer, enjoying a pleasant breeze coming in my window and relishing the fact that almost all my homework is behind me for this weekend. Three tests completed this week? Check. Big drawing turned in? Check. Composition paper submitted and a thirty page essay on suburbanization read and responded to? Check. Studied for another test next week? Check. And more readings finished? Check. I’m feeling accomplished AND relaxed, which is a pretty big order right now.

I continue to be impressed by (and enjoy - ha!) some of my classes – especially my USA History professor. He has been teaching on the American Revolution, and I love his approach to teaching. Not fact after fact, but the larger picture. We aren’t memorizing every battle, but we are learning the ideas and reasons behind the war. It’s pretty amazing.


It is getting cooler, which I hadn’t prepared myself for. I thought it would stay nice and summery for at least another month or so. Nope. We have had a couple cool, rainy days, and it actually dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit one morning. My blood is thin from not having had winter for 2 years, and it will take some adjusting to! Break out the sweaters and scarves! Thankfully, it is pleasant 78 degrees right now with a breeze, and it is warm (or cool?) enough for me to open my window. But no, honestly, I’m excited for fall… cooler days, wind nipping at my face, hot drinks, being bundled up… I know it will be refreshing. :)


It is hard to believe that six weeks of college are over already. Time is flying! And it’s not just college that's flying by… it has been four months to the day since my family left the Philippines. Exactly four months ago we were cramming ourselves and our earthly possessions into two taxis to begin the long journey “home.”

So much has happened - so much has changed since then! I miss my home, but I love my new home both with my family and also my newer home at college. But you know what? All these new homes make me more excited than ever for my real Home, where there aren't any goodbyes! :) 

+ a few photos from the Desert Museum because I couldn't blog without photos, especially since I haven't blogged for almost a month. So much for good resolutions! Oh well. Huge thanks to my faithful & very patient readers :)