Jul 27, 2012

In the Backyard

With a borrowed longboard....Michael loves his wheels ;)
My siblings deigned to pose for me today, and I had fun capturing some candid and posed shots. :)

Jul 18, 2012

On the Lake

We stayed with some good friends of ours for a few days this past week...and they live on a lake! 
They took us out in their boat, and we had so much fun! :)

Jul 13, 2012

Chapel & Gardens

A good friend took us to visit some beautiful gardens and a glass chapel this afternoon.
(captions clockwise from top left)

glass chapel - inside the chapel - my siblings & our friend - ceiling of the chapel
bell tower - Michael! - garden walkway - looking up into the bell tower
inspecting waterfalls - skink - flower beds - soaking feet
center of a flower - garden promenade - smiling totem pole - flower

Jul 5, 2012


Photographing fireworks last night was so much fun.
I got a lot of not-so-great photos, but there were some okay ones too! 

I shot with a fairly long shutter speed, varying from 4 - 30 seconds. 
When a firework exploded, I would start the photo, and then cover the lens. I would uncover the lens whenever another firework exploded. 

It was very fun :) And there were some beautiful fireworks around us!

Jul 3, 2012


Well, July has come, and you'd think sun and warmth would come with it. Not so where I am. Clouds. Rain. More clouds. Drizzly afternoon. Chilly wind. :P Quite a change from what I have lived with the past few years. But I am getting used to chillier temps, and hopefully warm weather is on the way!

I'm excited about fireworks to photograph later this week... :) There may be some photos up this weekend!