Jul 5, 2012


Photographing fireworks last night was so much fun.
I got a lot of not-so-great photos, but there were some okay ones too! 

I shot with a fairly long shutter speed, varying from 4 - 30 seconds. 
When a firework exploded, I would start the photo, and then cover the lens. I would uncover the lens whenever another firework exploded. 

It was very fun :) And there were some beautiful fireworks around us!


  1. These turned out great Elise!!! I just knew you were getting some good shots!

  2. Rosalie7/06/2012

    Beautiful photos Elise! Great job.

  3. Thank you all very much! Auntie Judy, these photos would not have been the same without the tripod... thank you very much for the loan :)