Apr 9, 2012

Service Trip!

Swinging with friends on the rope course
Last week I went on a kind of mission trip with a group of around 60 high school students.
Here are a few photos from our adventure!

This is where we worked for a few days....helping back fill houses with dirt for local flood victims.
I worked at this church one day, chipping away at the concrete walls.
Hey, are you impressed?! I actually got in some of these photos ;D Thanks to friends who took photos of me!
The beach at the camp we stayed at.

There were some lovely sunsets...I'll be posting more photos of them later ;)

Braiding hair....
A glimpse of the camp we stayed at...
Water balloon wars! :D
We pulled some great pranks...like stringing the openings of the bunkbeds. ;D
This cat was at one of the churches we worked at. I had never seen a cat with two different colored eyes, and this one was stunning!
Loading up the baggage for the ride home...
Love this photo!

We worked a ton, learned a lot, built some great relationships, and grew in Christ. It was a wonderful trip! :)

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  1. What a great experience! So happy for you and Amy that you could be a part of this! And you and Amy are so beautiful!!