Sep 13, 2012

Artist in the Family

I have been enjoying  just watching my sister at her art, and I picked up the camera hoping to get some good photographs. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity! (She has a blog too...I Meant to Do My Work Today...

On another note, the weather is cooling down, and it looks like I will be experiencing fall for the first time in LONG time. :) Looking forward to....

• Leaves changing color • wearing sweaters and scarves • drinking hot chocolate without sweating • a bite in the air • FROST! • sitting by the fire with a good book • turning on heat in the house (I have a hard time believing this will really happen!) •

What are you looking forward to this fall/winter?


  1. very cool photos Elise! And very cool subject B-)Love the black and white with the sunshine...the paint colors....the thumbtack...Amy's big drawing....the angles....nice job!

  2. Anonymous9/28/2012

    I'm looking forward to turning-on the heat too!