Jul 2, 2013

Summer So Far

In complete contrast to this sunny photo I took last week, it's grey and rainy this afternoon. I'm enjoying a cozy afternoon at home doing college planning, baking chocolate zucchini brownies (yum!), and reading The Chosen.

I've had a lovely summer so far. It's been great to have relaxed, unscheduled days where I can sleep in and read as much as I want, but also to have some productive time! My dad, my siblings and I are taking an online statistics class at Udacity and we're enjoying the challenge. I'm trying to exercise every morning. I haven't been completely successful. Ahem.

Well, there are less than five weeks left in my summer... and I'm determined to make the most of them! I'm planning to cook more, read more, exercise more, and really buckle down to those college applications. :)

How have you been filling your time this summer?

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