Aug 14, 2014

A New Adventure

Tomorrow I leave for college.


A year ago, I was busy applying to colleges, writing essays, and thinking about majors - essentially, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the next four years. Big decision for a 17 year old, right? I guess most of us have to do it.

To be completely honest, it was scary at the time. I worried (the worrying was pointless, the concern was not - I didn't miss deadlines! :)) about choosing the right state, the right college, the right major, the right scholarships...

...close to home? Far from home? (But where is home?) Public? Private? Christian? Secular? Small? Large? A major sure to get me a "good job?" Or something I love?

Living outside of the US added another level of difficulty - getting documents to colleges and scheduling interview times is a bit more complicated when you are 12 hours ahead and thousands of miles apart. (Yay for email and Skype!) But with lots of advice from family and friends, lots of researching, and lots of prayer, things all fell in place. I applied to three colleges, chose one, chose a major, chose a dorm, and chose a roommate. (My best friend! Everyone thinks it's hilarious that the twins are rooming together...why not?! We like each other!)

God has provided for me - beyond all I could ask or think. He has provided financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel prepared. It's so much easier to see God's hand in the whole process when I look back at it. A year ago, I felt so unprepared and overwhelmed by all the options and things to do. But now I look at all the great opportunities He has given me - everything from the creativity to write essays and the time to apply for scholarships, to the blessing of spending my high school years in another country and of having my family near me the first year - and I'm so thankful!

Here's to change, to learning, and to a wonderful God!

A design I printed for my dorm room/photos are abstracts from driftwood beach on Jekyll Island... more photos from our trip to Jekyll Island to come soon. :)


  1. So glad you are seeing how God is working in your life and how He has led you to this point Elise! I've been thinking of you and Amy and all the family a lot, and praying for you all as you make this transition. So glad you don't have to do it alone but have Amy with you! What a blessing! God go with you and bless you both! Love you both bunches!

    1. Thank you so much! Love to you too. :)

  2. Janelle8/15/2014

    Im so so happy for you.
    Tell me how you like the name tags I made you guys?
    I hope you have good (christian) friends at collage :)

    1. Thank you Janelle! The name tags are beautiful, and such a great idea because no one knows anyone's name! Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and useful gift. :) Yes, I hope I'll be able to make some good Christian friends. There are lots of Christian groups that meet on campus regularly so hopefully we can get to know some people there. Miss you Janelle!