Nov 8, 2011

Rainy Days

 Oh, how I love rainy days!

(check photo captions for what element of composition they are....)
element of composition: symmetry
 It is pretty much the only time the weather cools down. And I get to wear rain boots :)
And take photos of wet things.

element of composition: depth of field, possibly lines
Wheeee! I love the above photo!!!

elements of composition: n/a (tsk tsk.... it's not a great photo)
element of composition: depth of field,
 Yes, dear readers, that IS a rain drop on my camera lens. Two drops to be exact. I didn't mean to get them on there. I cleaned the lens very carefully afterward. But I love the photo :D

element of composition: simple backgrounds (?)
And our cute kitty had her tail curled around her paw. Aw. Was she cold, or was she scared of my camera? 

Does anyone else love rainy days?

1 comment:

  1. I love rainy days, too. It hardly rained in Colorado while we lived there and we were surprised to realize that we actually missed it.
    I love the one of your boots! The green background really makes your orange boots pop.