Nov 15, 2011

Windows + Reflectors

I am posting an educational blog post, that (for once!) hopefully will not leave you feeling like your brain has been fried. :P It is just about using a reflector in indoor photography. 

Ever seen those lovely photos that are highly grainy and orange tinted? Taken in low unnatural light inside a house? I have...lots of them.

I've even taken them. Like most people. :) But there are some ways to fix indoor-photography-that-isn't-so-great. 
  1. Use your flash. Try making yourself a diffuser. I posted a little about the one I made HERE
  2. Check your white balance. If you set it correctly, it can effectively reduce yellow-orangish lighting.
  3. Shoot at a higher ISO or lower shutter speed to prevent underexposed photos.
  4. Get near those windows! Or a door! They usually provide the best indoor light.
  5. Use a reflector. [This is what my post today is mainly about]
 What? Reflector?
A reflector helps bounce light so that your subject is evenly lit.
Like so:
See how the left side of her face and her hair are all in shadow?
But after strategically placing a reflector beside her, her face is more evenly lit. 
The below photo demonstrates the way I set the reflector up. 
A window on her left and a reflector on her right! Voila. 

Okay... what do you use for a reflector? 
I use that shiny grey thing. I think it is called foam core, but I'm not sure... It works very well though!

When using a reflector, you often need an assistant to hold the reflector while you take the photo. Kind of inconvenient sometimes, but worth it in the end.

Left: without reflector | Right: with reflector
Post #50! Wow! And it's only been 3 months!


  1. Wish I can post as often as you do! I often have Susan Liana holding a large white cutting board or a large metal cookie sheet to reflect light in the kitchen. :) Of course turning off all the kitchen light irritates the staff, too. Things we do for good photos, right?

  2. No kidding, I do some odd things to get good photos... I have a lot more time on my hands to use for posting than you do....Your food photography is lovely! Now I know one reason why :D

  3. Very nice and such great subjects!! :)