Oct 20, 2011

Black and White with Diffused Flash

 Whew. Yes, I've been learning a bit about flash lately. It still isn't my best friend. All the reflected light it leaves...bleh. But the diffuser helped. I just wrapped a long piece of vellum (thin, partly transparent paper) around the built in flash and taped it.
I took mostly in black and white, because I like the feel the flash gives it ;)

I started in the computer room...
The wire and connector holder
Pencils...and mugs...
Hellloooo there.......  *note to self* Clean mirror
Then I went out to the deck.

A plant. Duh.
The balcony of our deck is quite interesting, doncha think?
The little ball at the end of a wind chime. You can see the flash in it ;)
And lastly, a shell.

Verdict: Flash when I need it, but not if I can help it. Unless I come up with a better idea for a diffuser...
Any ideas?

P.S. There is a little bit of a blog redesign in progress....excuse the lack of header and other interesting differences right now ;)

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