Oct 11, 2011

Spikey Flower

Yes, friends, it is more flower photos today :)
I found these while I was wandering around with my camera, just looking for something to take photos of... They were very interesting!

Bright pink/red, spiky... they had a tropical look to them.

And the buds were beautiful too! :D 

Have a lovely week :)


  1. What gorgeous color contrast!!

  2. Anonymous10/11/2011

    Hi Lise, nice photos. I notice that some of the stems seem a little fuzzy ... do you think it's depth of field or shutter speed (the tripod's coming!). Any chance of posting exif information with your pictures? Just ideas, Dad

  3. ISO 80
    F 3.2
    1/80 sec (the last one was 1/50 sec)
    Is that exif? Never heard that term before....
    And I'm not sure why the photos are fuzzy...probably a combination of depth of field and shutter speed. More likely dof because it is macro photography. I resize my photos before exporting them, which can decrease their quality, causing a little fuzziness. That help? :)

  4. I've been loving your posts, Elise! Great photography! Keep up the good work.