Oct 3, 2011

to Paradise

We went to the beach today.
Yes, I'm afraid the title is a bit misleading.
The beach we went to is called Paradise ;)

We took a boat over to the island where the beach was... about a five minute trip. The floor of the boat was blue. :D

Nothing like, um a friend, uh, to hold your head in place!?
I have no idea what they are doing.

This is the boat we rode in... cool, isn't it!?

Palm trees as seen from the boat...

And here's the beach!

We rented a couple board/boat things to play around on for awhile... and did a little splashing around in the water. (Okay, a LOT of splashing around. We had fun :) )

Lunch was barbecue pork sticks and rice... (YUM!)

Some friends of ours ordered this weird desert. *shiver* I tried it once, and have no desire to try it again.

We took the boat back home a couple hours after lunch, and are enjoying a quiet afternoon now!


  1. I think it's so neat how adventurous your family is. "Paradise" looks so beautiful!

  2. *grin* Adventurous? I never thought of us as adventurous... :D I suppose we are, in some ways!

    Yes, Paradise is lovely!

  3. Lise, these photos are gorgeous!! I don't know how I haven't seen your blog before...but now I have, and I love it! Let's just say you've got me wishing (even more than before) I could hop on a plane right now to visit y'all. Miss you. :)

  4. Hey, nice to see you here Anna! Wish you could visit too :) We're still trying to talk Mr. Frankie into bringing a mission trip here, but I kinda doubt that will happen anytime soon ;) Oh well... :P

  5. Anonymous10/08/2011

    Love the flip-flop photo ... Dad