Oct 6, 2011


Here are three photos I have taken recently.
I like them but they didn't really fit in any other post...

Trees reflected in a river.

Illusion: It's not really trees :) Just water that is reflecting them! Easy.

This needs a little more explaining. I took a photo looking up through a clump of leaves, but I purposely "unfocused" the photo, so the light looks like little round circles, and the rest is a blur.
 (This trick can be especially beautiful on Christmas lights....I can't wait 'til Christmastime!)
Illusion: Hah! I'll bet you didn't even know what the photo was! *wink*

Whenever we have flowers around the house, I take photos of them. Once, I was taking photos on the railing of our deck, and the flower fell into the stone gutter about a yard down. Now I drop flowers down there just to photograph them because I love the surface. ;D

Illusion: Now, this one isn't completely fair, because I didn't do it with the camera. I did it on the computer. :S The rose was originally yellow, but I was editing the photo a bit, and to my great surprise, the rose turned PINK! Hm. I liked it better than the yellow one.

I know this was kind of a strange post. My apologies.
Hope you have a good day anyway. ;)


  1. oooh - i like that first photo of the trees reflected in the river. where did you take it?!?

    love your new header, too - great font combo!

    umm...there's that word...'random' again. sigh. sorry, but it's trite and banal. i have a thesaurus if you'd like to borrow it! ;p

  2. I took the first one in the canal thing you walk along to go to Paradise ;D

    I fixed random too. :P

  3. Miss Kay10/07/2011

    Don't you guys live in the same house? he,he.... LOVELY, Lise! I really do like the first, second and third photo! :)

  4. Oh yeah! We do! ;D

  5. Anonymous10/08/2011

    Yep, the concrete surface for the flower shots is excellent ... nice find! Dad

  6. your blog is gorgeous! amazing bokeh. :)

  7. uh, yes, we live in the same house. are you implying, Miss Kay, that it would be okay for me to talk to this girl irl instead of leaving *random* comments here? hmmm...i'll have to think about that one...

  8. Dad: Thank you! It was a surprising find :D

    Polka Dot: welcome....so happy to see new readers :) (LOVE the name of you blog ;D I have yet to buy myself some red shoes!)

    Mom: Hah! You used THAT WORD on purpose!