Sep 28, 2011

White Balance Applied

Well, as I am learning a little more about white balance (and about setting it manually!) I decided to share some better examples of white balance with you. 

I took some photos of an egg that my sister dyed recently. 
(Visit her blog here.) 
She'll be posting about the eggs once I take photos of all of them for her....:D

Anyway, these are 6 different photos, taken at exactly the same place, at the same time of day. 
You can kinda see what white balance does with these photos.
It basically adds a little tint to a photo that is unbalanced in color.
For instance: Take the cloudy photo, or even the shade one.
If you take a photo on a cloudy day, or in shade, the lighting is more cooler, more blue, than if you were to take a photo on a sunny day.
 The cloudy setting will add a little pinkish red to the photo to make it look balanced, and the shade will add a little yellow tint.

But the halogen (for indoors, in unnatural light) will add a little blue to the photo, 
because often photos taken  indoors can turn out too orange or yellow, because of the unnatural light. 

Getting it yet?

I won't talk much about setting manual white balance, but basically, you tell the camera what the neutral color is in the light you are in, so white looks white. Sorta complicated. But you can usually get a better photo when you set the white balance manually. Auto also works very well ;) I think the auto, or even the daylight photo looks better than the manual one. Humph. I'm not great at setting white balance manually yet. :(

To learn more about white balance, visit 31 Days to a Better Photo: What's White Balance?



  1. Anonymous9/28/2011

    Very interesting. I like the manual WB the best ... it make the basket look a more natural brown ... I think the auto looks too "white" ...

  2. Mm, I agree with you on the basket... I think it looks better in the manual, but the egg looks "flatter" almost, kind of like there is a little film over it, while in the first photo (auto WB) it stands out more. Thanks! :D