Sep 20, 2011

The Hunter

Our cat loves to hunt anything. 

She has been known to attack:
- rocks
- trashcans
- legs 
- noses
- my camera
- leaves
- trees
(while we are writing)
- butterflies 
(of course)
- rats
- geckos
- cellphones
- hair
- toy cars
- plastic balls
- water balloons

She loves to sleep on:
- shoe racks
  - the hoods of cars 
(when they are still warm!)
- in cardboard boxes 
(when it's raining)
- in baby strollers
- on a ledge above one of our windows. 
(she climbs up the window screen to get there, naughty cat!)

Our cat keeps us entertained.


  1. You did a really great job of capturing the look of a cat in action. I remember how my cats would do this when we had them. The crouch and the focus then *pounce*! Our kids really want a cat, but Jonathan is miserably allergic to them so we just enjoy other people's cats. : )

  2. Thanks so much! Your kids are welcome to come play with our cat anytime ;D