Sep 7, 2011

Flowers & Aperture

Hello again! Hope you are having a nice day...
Just wanted to post a few photos I took yesterday. I picked a few flowers from the yard, stuck them in a jar, and headed upstairs to the Deck for the best lighting :)

(below) My mom and my sister both couldn't figure out this photo for some reason. It a jar tipped on its side with flowers in it. I really shouldn't have to tell you that. It is a PHOTO after all. :)

And a short review of the aperture post I wrote a while ago... take a look at these two photos below.
Photo #1

See the difference?
Yup, the background of one is more blurry than the other.
Photo #2

Now for the quiz.
Who can tell me which one was taken on f-stop 3.4? And which one was taken on f-stop 8.0?

 See here if you forgot how to tell the difference ;)


  1. Photo #1 on f-stop 8.0
    Photo #2 on f-stop 3.4

    Do I get an A+?

  2. *applause* Congratulations! Yes, you definitely get an A+! :D