Sep 25, 2011

And More Flowers

 I spent a good part of yesterday at a volleyball tournament at the school (where I take a few classes)...
I had a lot of fun walking around the campus and taking photos of flowers with a friend :) 

These were beautiful... some kind of orchid, I think.

We couldn't decide what these were; I think they are leaves. But look at how colorful they are! 

This is a random bush.
I know the word random is over used, but it describes this bush well. Please forgive me. :)

 Ah, daisies. I love daisies!

 Enough flowers though. I post way too many photos of flowers on this blog. But they are much easier to photograph than people. They don't (usually) have weird expressions on their faces when I am trying to take their photo ;)

Next time, I'll post some volleyball photos. I'm still learning how to take action photos. And later in the week, I should have some birthday photos to post! *grin*

Farewell for now, friends :D

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