Sep 29, 2011

a Birthday

My mom's birthday was a fun day.
It was also my first attempt at photojournalism. It's hard. But enjoy the photos!

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast :)
Skyping and school in the morning
A special snack! ;)
Baking a cake instead of Algebra 2!
Cocoa powder is so messy!
A bouquet of roses from a friend
Dinner out at a nice restaurant... with GREAT burgers!
The Present Pile
Opening gifts :)
The cake!
It was DELICIOUS. With a little coffee ice cream....mmmmm.....

What a great day.


  1. thanks, Lise, for fun reminders of a great day! you just neglected to display YOUR amazing gifts to me... blog buttons, creative coupons, gorgeous card, and kindle books, too! ♥ i have the world's best family... ♥ mom

  2. What a lovely day you had for your sweet mom! Oh, how I miss you all!! GREAT photos, Lise!!