Jul 26, 2014

Designed Stuff

Hello all! We are all moved in to a rental house, conveniently located near our home church AND near where my sister and I will be going to college. :) I haven't had internet access for a few days, so that's why you haven't seen a post in a little too long. But I'm back with something I've been working on today. With lots of bare walls in our house and a dorm room to decorate, I'm inspired to design. Here's the result:

And another style - just different background/colors :)

I designed them to be desktop backgrounds, thus the small reference size. It looks bigger on my desktop! Feel free to download for your computer - just click on the image, zoom in on it, side click, and set as your background! Or save it to your computer and set it from there :) Enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness! The last photo is so pretty-- and I believe in its meaning. :) I'm setting this as my desktop background; thank you!! ♥

    1. You are so welcome Samantha! :)