Jul 7, 2014

The Road Trip I

The great American road trip has been great so far, despite a car whose alternator failed, leaving us a bit stranded for a few hours while it was being repaired. Being stranded by an IKEA isn't a bad place at all...

We've had several long days in the car, and have been reading, playing the old classic the alphabet game, watching movies, and just enjoying the scenery. California terrain is very different than anything that we've been around recently.

 Today we stopped at an overlook - fantastic views of dry, southern California.

On Thursday we went to see a game that my cousin's baseball team was playing. It was definitely a cultural experience. :) I learned tons about baseball that night, and have a decent understanding of the game now. (click on panorama to enlarge)

Even the resident family pig (Piglet, he's been in the family longer than I have, and travels everywhere with us) takes California's click it or ticket law seriously. ;)


  1. Rosalie7/08/2014

    Thanks Elise! Looking forward to more posts. :)

  2. Great images! Counting the days of your arrival!

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures. Miss you all very much