Aug 14, 2011

My Camera and I

Hello there. Welcome!

I like taking photos. That's what this blog is mostly about.
I also like graphic design, mint chocolate chip ice cream, classics, mysteries, computers, piano, sports, curly hair, bagels, fonts, & Lightroom. But most of all, I love the Lord, my sweet family, and my good friends.
Oh yes, and my name is Elise. Almost forgot that.

the Camera.

It was a birthday present. 
I nearly died. 
It was the only time in my life that I have hyperventilated.
I was interested to learn that my camera was not a point and shoot. (Duh. Elise, just look at it!)
But it wasn't one of those fancy things that professional photographers use that have detachable flashes and interchangeable lenses. 
My camera is a bridge camera. A step above a point and shoot, but not quite a SLR. (what the pros use)
So, you are now acquainted with my camera.

Why the blog?  

For school. 

Hah! Got you there! 
Well, sort of. I'm taking a photography class for school. Self-put-together, and personalized. (Yes, I am home schooled)
Quite fun actually. More fun than doing math.
Never mind. I'm doing math too.

But learning about photography and taking photos makes for a very fun class.
This blog is to record it. 

I'll be posting photos I've been taking for assignments and just for fun, a few of my favorite photography websites and photographers, and maybe even some of the things I am learning. 

Hope you enjoy browsing around... once I get some more posts up...


  1. Anonymous8/17/2011

    Your photographs are gorgeous! Thanks for
    sharing these and letting us look through
    the lens with you:) We can't wait for more~~

    Mrs. Sutlive

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement Mrs. Sutlive!
    I'll be posting frequently :) It's great to see you here!