Aug 18, 2011

Shutter Speed Applied

I must break the news now.
I really. Really. REALLY. REAAAALY. Need to work on my photography.

Below are some photos I took while experimenting with shutter speed. No, they aren't great. Mostly due to the fact that my subjects were not beautiful in themselves, and the lighting was AWFUL in the second set of photos.  I was a stickler and kept the flash off the whole time. Except once. I closed it again right away.

Anyway. I learned alot.
Primarily, that the longer you leave the shutter open, the more blurry the photo is. 
Or in more technical terms, the slower your shutter-speed, the more action you can see in the photo. 

First example:
The fan.
 (Don't laugh. It was one of the only objects that moved fast enough.)

ISO 80
(Aperture) F/7.1
(Shutter speed) 1/2 sec 

Take a look at this photo. See inside the fan, that blue blur? Yes, that's the blade. 
My shutter was open for half a second, (That's a long time, in photography.)
And you can tell that the fan is on. 

ISO 1600
(Aperture) F/3.6
(Shutter speed) 1/125 sec 

Okay. Check THIS one out. You can actually see the blades. 
My shutter was open for one one-twenty-fifth of a second here (sort of fast in photography.) 
If the room had been brighter, I could have made the shutter speed even faster so you could see the individual fan blades. 

(Note for next time: brighter room)

And the two photos closer to see the difference...

Second example:
The Ribbons that I Tied to the Lamp and Turned a Fan on Them so that They Would Move.
Please don't laugh here either.

ISO 80
(Aperture) F/6.3
(Shutter speed) 1/3 sec 

My shutter was open for one-third of a second for this photo. It is very interesting to see them moving like that...

ISO 1600
(Aperture) F/4.0
(Shutter speed) 1/160 sec

And the shutter speed for this one was one one-sixtieth of a second. For the most part, the ribbons are in focus. The ends are a bit blurry...

And together.

Well, I learned alot, if nothing else. No keeper photos there. 

And thanks for not laughing until now.
I give you permission to laugh.


  1. Not laughable at all Elise. Pretty cool actually! Thanks for sharing your new blog. I have a feeling I'm going to learn alot too!!

  2. Elise,

    I actually think these are very good and interesting photos. They make me think of something I'd see in a magazine and I can definitely see the movement in each picture. It's pretty impressive what you've done. Good work!

    Aunt Miranda

  3. Well, thank you both for your encouragement! :D

    Personally I don't like them ;) but I'm glad you enjoyed learning from them...

  4. I love how you took time to experiment with the shutter speed! Looks like your blog will be very helpful to me! The fact that you did not like the second set of photos tells me that you already have trained eyes for good photos! ;)

  5. :D Thanks so much!

    I hope it is helpful...