Aug 15, 2011

Retreat at the Sea

These photos are all from a beach trip I went on with a group of high-schoolers recently.
We rode a ferry across to an island, spent the night in huts sleeping on the hard ground, put starfish in each others' hair, and took lots of photos. 

We also spent some great time together, playing games, and listening to devotionals & testimonies. 

I have some great memories and photos from last weekend :)


  1. Elise, I want your camera! The pictures are so beautiful! I also love the new blog.

  2. Wish I was close enough to loan it to you for a few days... When we come back to visit you can borrow it then :) *wink* Love and miss you...nice to see you following me!

  3. These are all amazing! Have you ever thought about selling your images on a website like ShutterStock? I could see the images used in a travel brochure or marketing material.