Dec 17, 2011

Kids Christmas Party | 1

Well, I'm finally doing another blog post. I procrastinated. 
Not because I didn't have photos....Noooo....
I had TOO many photos.

Last Sunday, there was a big party/outreach thing for a bunch of neighborhood kids. I helped with the games...and took a truckload of photos ;D
There are 20+ photos in this post, and there will be two more segments about the same size coming in the next couple days. Sorry. Hope the photos load fast!

The game I was in charge of was volleyball. Nice simple game. "Half of you on one side, half of you on the other. Now hit the ball back and forth!"

Waiting for the kids

It was super hot out that afternoon. Like REEELY hot.

 The kids had lots of fun racing for balls that went flying out of bounds :)

 I LOVE MY ZOOM LENS. You can take close-ups without anyone knowing ;) 

 The event was held at a large soccer field....out in the sun...I was sweating like crazy!

 Taking advantage of a little shade

 Dream helped me run the volleyball :)

 Told you it was hot. ;)

Holding the string for the volleyball net...

....the stringholders made for some great shade! I was holding one end of the string for awhile, and at one point I looked down and there were four little girls sitting in my shadow :D I didn't get a photo. :(

Here I am on the other side of the camera. Aren't you proud of me? (isn't the lighting gorgeous!?)

More photos coming soon.... I applaud you if you were patient enough to let those photos load and read the whole post! *applauds*

Sidenote: FINALLY on Christmas break! I hope to continue blogging regularly over my vacation. :)

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