Dec 21, 2011

Kids Christmas Party | 3

 Last segment of photos from the Christmas party.... :) I know it's a lot of photos to post...too many :S

Sadly, it began to rain during the performances.

 Umbrellas & towels were pulled out, and the relocation began.

 A few took cover under tents set up, while waiting for the rest to exit to the covered court.

 Quieting the kids down... "Can you hear the rain?" :D

Another skit which involved the CUTEST baby of all time. :)

Distributing the food...

 ...and eating the food!

There were raffle prizes :)

 The Clean up!

 Alright...the series is over :) No more giant posts for a while anyways :) !

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  1. I love your posts with lots of photos! :) Merry Christmas to you, Lise! oxox Miss Kay