Dec 4, 2011

Highschool Christmas Banquet

Last night was the high school Christmas are some photos.

The room where the banquet was was very nicely decorated with black and white.

Lots of photos were taken :)

People got dressed up...most people wore black or white as that was the theme, but there were splashes of red, blue, and purple too.

Love those earrings!

We ate dinner and talked.

The meal was pretty typical fare...rice, fried chicken, a meat dish, and vegetables.

"delicate eating" :P

Cake ;)

She was indignant when she realized I was taking her photo on the sly :)

After dinner, my friend next to me whipped out her cellphone and began playing games. :D

The my friend on the left had "happy birthday" sung to was her 16th birthday that evening.

Then we played some games. She's watching the winners of a game having a championship game!

More games... We also had a hilarious gift exchange that I got no photos of :(

And this was the lobby of the hotel the banquet was held at. :)

It was a great night!


  1. One thing bad about being the photographer at events, there is no photo of the photographer....this party is beautiful, Lise! :)

  2. *lol* True...actually I was on the other side of the lens twice, but I don't like either photo, so I didn't post them. Mom will probably post photos of Amy & I on the "family" blog soon if you want to see us ;)

  3. Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing! I agree with Kay though! I would have loved to see you and more of Amy! Looking forward to seeing your mom's post!