Dec 10, 2011

Christmas Concert | Part 1: Angels

 Last night at the concert, Kindergarten - 4th Graders dressed up as angels and sang Christmas songs. As is the fact with most Elementary concerts, the main attraction was not the quality of the music, but the adorable factor of the performers ;)

This little boy spoke at the beginning of the performance to introduce the singing. He had his lines down perfectly, and spoke in a monotone. The best line was the last. "Sit. Back. And. En-joy. The. Show." He did great and got lots of laughs.

Little girls in angel much sweeter can you get!?

Many of them sang with great gusto...

 ...and all of them had bare feet!

Love it!

There were some soloists....(I love her expression!)

...and background vocalists!

P.S. They didn't have purple highlights in their hair. It was the pink light shining down onto the stage. :P

They sure were a joyful bunch!

The end :)

But tomorrow (or the next day!) I'll blog about the fifth grade band!

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