Dec 7, 2011

5 Things I've Been Loving

 I believe rainy days are the closest we will get to winter weather here. Today is one of those lovely days. I drank hot chocolate this morning. And it is down to 79 degrees. It's beginning to feel like Christmas ;)

Our cat's new house.
Rain is one of her worst enemies. She retreats to the plastic bin outside our front door when it rains.
Who knew plastic could be so cozy?!

Christmas lights.
Pretty self-explanatory. We decorated a week ago, and I'm still having fun taking bokeh photos. I seriously need to learn how to take good Christmas tree photos without 'unfocusing' the photo ;) 

This sign.
It is so utterly and ridiculously impossible that it makes me laugh when I see it. Brownie points for anyone willing to trade me some snow for our 90 degree weather. :P

Christmas music.
Playing it, singing it, listening to it....I've been doing all three and it is wonderful!

P.S. Check the link out for 25 days of free Christmas music on fun fun :)


  1. Down to 79 degrees hey? Time to pull out the flannel pjs! We've been having temps in the 20's and 30's--Deliciously chilly! Lots of frost but no snow yet. I do love the cold in the winter --but come about the end of Feb. I'll gladly trade you weather every other week or so! Deal?

  2. Oh yeah! I'll trade then ;) Lovely cold is bright and sunny AND HOT again today. :S