Dec 27, 2011


 Living in a foreign country provides you with many interesting and often amazing opportunities.
Like snorkeling, in December (!) for instance.
We went on a boat trip yesterday, and lots of people snorkeled.

The reefs are lovely, and the water is so clear, you can actually see the reefs from above water.

Of course, you get a much better view if you have a snorkeling mask on. ;)

We've seen fish, eels, sea snakes, sea cucumbers, lovely coral, and schools of fish. Not to mention 3 or 4 different kinds of starfish!

Come visit and we'll take you snorkeling! Or scuba diving...if you like being that far underwater. *shiver*  I think 6 or 7 people dived on the boat trip yesterday. I'll post more photos from the boat trip soon :)

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  1. Thanks Elise for the sweet comment. I can't wait to see you and your family next summer!